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Post surgery pureed food for adults

Who needs Pureed Meals?

There are a number reasons why Pureed Food for Adults is essential in continuing a healthy and nutritious diet. Often as we age, we face difficulties chewing, swallowing and digesting normal food. But it is not only the elderly that may encounter difficulties eating. Very often, younger people experience difficulties eating post operation or even dental surgery.

So even in the short term, as adults recover from surgery, the need for Pureed food is very real.

For those who find themselves in some kind of after care facility, nurses may prepare texture modified foods. But what about when adults are discharged to care for themselves. Whether at home or with the family, preparing an easy to eat meal that is healthy, is quite a challenge.

In extreme cases, the patient may suffer exhaustion or to some level temporarily incapacitated after surgery. They are reliant upon family members or themselves to prepare meals. The issue is further compounded by a lack of experience and knowledge in preparing Pureed meals.

Achieving a great recovery post surgery is in the most part down to a healthy diet. So it is critical that the patient consumes the correct balance of foods, morning, day and night. Indeed, foods high in protein and vitamins are proven to aid recovery and prevent complications further down the line. In fact issues such as infection, weight loss, loss of motor skills and mobility, as well as low energy levels and depression, can all be attributed to a poor post-op diet.

Avoiding complications and eating well

After having an operation, your body is in recovery mode and needs all the help it can get to heal. At the top of the list is Fruit, offering antioxidants and Vitamin C. Research shows that Vitamin C may help rebuild the Collagen and Soft Tissues left after incisions. Vitamin C may help speed up the healing process, reducing the risk of infection.

Of equal importance, are vegetables, which again provide vitamins and nutrients supportive of a full recovery. Additionally, many vegetables are high in the carbohydrates that will reduce fatigue. Carbohydrates also reduce the muscle break down associated with a loss of mobility and medication. Protecting your muscles and keeping energy levels up, has many advantages in your recovery and vegetables are key to providing this.

To help with the bodies absorption of all that nutrition, you will also need fat in your diet. Not all fat is bad and the fats found in Fish, Olive & Coconut Oils and Nuts and Seeds, stretch out the energy acquired from Fruit and Vegetables.

Of course, there are many other great food sources, full of nutritional goodness, but with many of them come one small problem. Not all are simple to eat. While berries may be fairly easy to prepare for consumption, harder items such as Apples, Carrots, Potatoes and even leafy greens such as Spinach and Cabbage, take a little more work. Where there is a restriction in the patients ability to chew or swallow, these delicious and healthy foods, suddenly become impossible to eat. Or do they?

Pureed Food Options

Just because you experience discomfort while eating solid foods. Does not mean your diet has to be placed on hold. Or replaced with tinned soup for that matter. While soups offer some level of nutrition, you can't beat fresh foods. Pureeing them is a great way to enjoy variety as well as stay healthy. If a member of the family is fairly adventurous in the kitchen. There are plenty of blenders and food processors which can puree various food produce. The next level to this is texture modification and the trick is to retain as much flavour and nutrition as possible.

Ezy Foods Australia are leaders in the preparation and delivery of textured Modified meal solutions. We prepare Pureed Food for adults using specialist processing techniques. Meals pack as much nutrition and flavour as possible. This helps the post operation patient get the important nutrition required for a speed recovery. While the adult food is pureed, Ezy Foods ensure that the flavours are intact, meaning the patient enjoys the meal, instead of suffering the same bland offering prepared at home or in a tin.

Furthermore, if you are stuck at home and unable to get out to buy ingredients, Ezy Foods will deliver straight to the door, anywhere in Australia. To learn more about how Ezy Foods can help provide a simple meal solution after your operation, why not browse our range of ready meals or speak to one of experts about how we can deliver, right to your door.

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