○ 100% Pure; 100% Australian
○ No Added Preservatives
○ Nutritious and Delicious

○ IDDSI Compliant

Aged Care Meals

Texture Modified Home Care Meals for the Elderly

Finding a suitable meal option for the elderly can be hard, especially when challenged by Dysphagia and other eating difficulties.

Ezy Foods are an approved NDIS meal provider. As such NDIS recipients can take advantage of substantial savings across our range.

The team at Ezy Foods Australia are leaders in Pureed and Texture Modified Foods. Our range of nutritious ready meals are developed to improve the eating experience by reducing the necessity to chew food. Now, seniors can continue to enjoy their favourite meals, without the distress of having to chew or swallow. 

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Aged Care Meal Provider

Delicious | Healthy | Convenient

Taste of Home

Our meals are designed specifically with taste in mind for people who have trouble eating regular food and need extra nutrition and textures in a Ready to Eat format.

Texture Modified

Texture modified diets are designed to make chewing and swallowing safer and easier. Ezy Foods have years of experience and are the leaders in this field. 

Home Delivery

All of our delicious Ready Made and Ready to Eat meals are available to be delivered direct to your door.

Our Guarantee

■ 100% Pure; 100% Australian
■ No Added Preservatives
■ Nutritious and Delicious
■ IDDSI Compliant

Ezy Foods make it simple!

Easy to eat, even easier to prepare

Ezy Foods make the process of serving delicious, healthy meals to the elderly, as simple as can be. Our chefs and nutrition experts prepare the meals and even side dishes, ready to be served. Just pop them in
the Microwave and they are ready in minutes.

Best of all, its easy to check the IDDSI Level of each meal, to meet the consumers requirements.

Aged Care Meals

Home Care Meals or Aged Care Facilities

The perfect solutions for Aged Care Homes and Carers

The Ezy Foods range of IDDSI rated meals and compliments are
a real favourite with all types of Carers. Ezy Foods offer an exciting change for seniors and simple preparation for the carer.

Familymembers who care for loved ones
Aged Care Providers in Care facilities
Nursesin Hospital and Medical Centres
Seniorswho live at home but have difficulty preparing their own meals
Home Care Providersto deliver and prepare meals as part of a Home Care Package

Pureed Food for seniors

Variety of Meal Choices

The Ezy Foods Ready Meal Range has something for all tastes

Not only do we offer a huge selection of Meals, Meats, Veggies, Fruit and Desserts, but all are IDDSI rated. As you browse our selection, you will see the IDDSI rating. This IDDSI rating represents how easy or difficult the food is to chew or swallow.

IDDSI Level 3 – Liquidised

IDDSI Level 4 - Pureed

IDDSI level 5 – Minced & Moist

IDDSI Level 6 – Soft & Bite Sized

Regular Ready Made Meals

texture modified meals for the elderly

Our Certifications

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