○ 100% Pure; 100% Australian
○ No Added Preservatives
○ Nutritious and Delicious

○ IDDSI Compliant

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Ezy Foods, has established a leading role in serving Australians that require specialised Texture Modified Foods since our inception in 2008,... We have Designed, Built, Commissioned and Operate a range of equipment specifically sourced in Australia. The continued growth of the business required relocation to our new purpose built manufacturing facility in Broadmeadows in 2017.

The Ezy Chef directors (with combined experience of > 130 years in the food industry) built on their core competence in developing a range of 100% Australian & Pure Vegetable Purees expanding into value added products that we offer in our Ezy Foods Product Portfolio presented on this website.

We are a proud Australian company working with a group of leading Australian farmers that use industry best practice in ensuring we deliver the highest quality foods for our customers.

Ezy Foods Texture Modified Meal Delivery Centre Melbourne

Our purpose built factory involves a methodical purpose built process involving…

- Receiving produce from approved Growers
- Storing and Washing produce 
- Preparing produce (cutting) prior to cooking.
- Cooking & draining through our in line cooker

- Puree & filtering the cooked vegetables
- Chilling the filtered Puree
- Filling & Packing
- Puree can also be sent through our Aseptic processor and filled

Texture Modified Vegetables

Ezy Chef uses 100% Australian produce to process a range of PURE vegetable puree’s from Leafy to Hard produce.

Ezy Chef has the capability to process blends and proudly support the airline, Industrial, Hospital, Aged Care and Food Service markets with seasoned vegetable puree / mash that are “ready to Eat”.

Ezy Chef has the capability to process (sanitise, peel, cut and pack) hard produce fresh cuts into the retail, industrial and food service markets.

Vegetable Soups

Ezy Chef manufacture a range of Frozen, Chilled and Aseptic “heat and Serve” soups into the Hospital, Aged Care and Food Service markets.

Fruit Coulis & Toppings

Using a blend of Australian & Imported Fruits, Ezy Chef manufacture a range of Fruit Coulis and Toppings into the Hospital, Aged Care,
Industrial & Food Service markets.

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