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Knowing when Mum and Dad need a little help

For many of us, the festive season is a chance to re-connect and spend time with aging parents. Often our busy lives distract us from the important things in life, such as family and even friendships. But regardless of the occasion, any time spent with aging parents is an opportunity to gauge their health and overall well-being.

Clues at the dinner table

Spending time at the dinner table with parents, can reveal a multitude of potential issues which are the inevitable result of getting old. Comments by Mum about how Dad is getting more forgetful, leaving the Car Boot open all the time. Dad might point out how Mum is having difficulties swallowing some of the foods you have served. Actions and remarks made at the dinner table could be indicators that maybe Mum and Dad need a little help.

Around the parents home

Of course, Mum and Dad most likely enjoy their independence and brush off any offers to help. They will rarely admit that they are having difficulties, but the signs are there. But offers of support are generally refused or perhaps voicing your concern causes them to get defensive or agitated.
Signs that something might not be quite right with Mum and Dad could also be apparent when you visit them. Their home might be falling into dis-repair as Dad isn’t as handy as he used to be. Rubbish or clutter is left around the home, which would never usually be allowed with Mum on the case.

More seriously, accidents in the kitchen or even the car may indicate that your parents are finding it harder to coordinate their way through day to day life. When you put the pieces together, the warnings signs become obvious and help is needed.

For parents who are still living an independent life in their own home, some signs may be harder to read. Difficulties cooking and preparing food, often lead the elderly to opt for simpler meals. Instead of preparing healthy and nutritious meals, un-healthy options make the kitchen easier to navigate, but have serious health consequences for the aging body.

Indeed, if Mum and Dad are beginning to look frail, dietary issues might be at play.

Help for Eating Disorders

When it comes to eating disorders or difficulty preparing meals, there is plenty help available for the elderly. My Aged Care offer Home Care Packages for the elderly, which includes meals as well as help around the home. Click here to find out more about Home Care Packages or see our article by following this link.

Ezy Foods are dedicated to offering delicious ready meals to the elderly. Our Pureed Meals for Adults are delivered to the door and are IDDSI Compliant. To learn more about our ranged of Pureed Foods, why not send us a message or give us call. We can talk you through the range and the many assistance packages available.

A final thought

Most important is to remain vigilant and conscious of the signs your parents need some assistance. The festive season is a great time to connect and make sure Mum and Dad are doing OK. Make sure you stay connected and are there to offer them the support they need as they age.

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