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Home Care Package Meal Deliveries

Texture Modified Meals for Home Care Package Recipients

The team at Ezy Foods have some great news for Home Care Recipients in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and now Western Australia & South Australia.
But first, did you know that if you are a Home Care Package recipient, you can use a proportion of your funds for meals & meal deliveries! Of course this does not only include regular meals. It also includes nutritionally balanced, portion controlled, Texture Modified Ready Meals. That’s right, ready to eat meals, straight to the door, by Ezy Foods Australia.

So what are Home Care Packages?

Home Care packages are primarily aimed to assist elderly people, to maintain the ability to live safely and independently. It allows them to remain in community, in their own homes as long as possible. They do this by providing the appropriate supports and services to for those who choose to reside in their own home. So the plan covers nursing care as well as general support around the home. It includes transport and even goes as far as home maintenance. And yes, meals too.
In 2021 alone, around 33,000 Home Care Packages were approved, with another 97,000 pending approval. Between now and 2023, the government has pledged another 80,000 packages. This meets the recommendations of the Aged Care Royal Commission.

The 4 Levels of Home Care

The Home Care Package roll out consists of 4 Levels of care, based on the individuals needs. Assessment of the applications are through the My Aged Care website. It is here that they determine the appropriate level of care. The application process begins with a 15 to 20 minute online assessment which a doctor can complete, a carer or loved one if necessary.
It takes up to 3 weeks to view the application, at which point it is quickly followed up with an invitation to a face-to-face assessment. The assessor will call to arrange this with the carer or loved one. Meanwhile, the assessment itself could take place over the phone, but is usually in person.
You receive notification after the assessment, on which level of care meets approval. They are as follows;
  • Level 1 Basic care, approximately $9,000 allocated annually
  • Level 2 Low care, approximately $15,750 allocated annually
  • Level 3 Intermediate care, approximately $34,250 allocated annually
  • Level 4 High care, approximately $52,000 allocated annually

Is there a fee for Home Care Packages?

Part of the Home Care Package assessment will include income testing. Income testing is based on your annual income and is usually carried out by Centrelink or the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Based upon the applicant’s financial situation, fees may consist of a basic daily fee up to $10.85 and an Income Tested Care Fee up to $31.14.
Some recipients may opt for extra services too, in which case further fees may apply.

Home Care Providers

To utilise the funds you receive, you will need to choose from a long list of approved Home Care Providers. Don’t worry, you will be spoilt for choice and there is even help available to find the right providers for you. The Home Care Providers will use your funds appropriately and help keep things nice and simple.
In fact, as with any Home Care provider, Ezy Foods are here to help. If you would like to learn more about where our delicious and nutritional texture modified meal deliveries fit into the Home Care Package scheme, please get in touch. Our team will be happy to talk with you, your loved ones or your Home Care Provider, to ensure the best meal options to suit your budget.
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