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A Hearty Winter Soup for all

Here at Ezy Foods, we know a thing or two about IDDSI rated meals. In fact, we now provide a healthy meal solution to the elderly and dysphagia sufferers, across Australia. So being such experts in Textured Modified and Purred meals, you would think that we know how to make a pretty good soup.

Well of course, you would be absolutely right to assume this. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed!

From early on, the Ezy Foods team have worked towards creating a delicious, wholesome Soup range for customers with swallowing difficulties. Moreover, our soups have had to go one step further, packing in the protein and nutrition required to support medical recovery or an ageing body. But quite unexpectedly, we find our range of tasty and nutritious soups are catching the taste buds of another group people.

Sports Protein Soup

Being rich in vitamins and being extremely Nutritious, the sports communityHealthy Protein Soup as well as health and fitness enthusiasts are choosing Ezy Foods for a convenient meal option. Much the same as a recovering medical patient, a dysphagia sufferer or elderly person, those engaged in any type of exercise regime need nutrition. And where better to get this, but from a delicious, easy to prepare soup, delivered to the door.
Indeed, for those always on the go and stretched for time, the Ezy Foods Soup range is just the ticket for lunch or a healthy snack.
From athletes to busy Mums heading to the gym once a week, our soups provide what they need to sustain exercise, without packing on the Kilos.

Why are Ezy Foods so great at Soup?

As mentioned, we specialise in Pureed & Textured Modified foods.The requirements of our customers dictate that our offerings must be highly nutritious and easy to eat.
So creating healthy Soups to meet up to IDDSI 3 level, requires a particular level of ‘know how'.
Naturally, the first step to creating a healthy soup is the ingredients.
There is no getting away with it. You just can’t beat those local picked, fresh Aussie veggies.
But it doesn’t end there. Our team of chefs, are experts in the preparation of these ingredients. Ensuring the most nutrition and flavour is always present.  Achieving the perfect consistency without losing nutrition and flavour, is an art form in itself. But Ezy Foods have had a lot of practice, which is why our Soup Range is the talk of the town.

Great on the run

Soups come in generous microwavable 540g tubs, which sure are filling as well as convenient.Just heat it up and your mealis served. They are an awesome winter option for home and work too. Just pop them in the work fridge and heat them up in minutes. Yum!
Oh and did we forget to mention! Ezy Foods deliver to your door, anywhere in Australia. Just pop into our online store and order your delicious Soups now. Click here to see the range.

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