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NDIS Meal Sweeteners for the Summer Season

At last, summer is here and it’s time to enjoy the sunshine and begin to think about Christmas. Here at Ezy Foods, we are excited to share the news about some of our summerier offerings, such as fruity deserts, yoghurts, jelly and of course our new range of Mocktails.
With IDDSI ratings displayed on our online store, choices are made easy. In fact with many deserts rated as low as IDDSI 4 (Pureed), it’s so easy to enjoy those yummy summer deserts.

Summer Deserts

As we all know, when it comes to deserts, age is not a factor. More and more Aged Care Meals include a nice desert for after the main meals and Ezy Foods are thrilled to play an ever-increasing role in supplying these to Aged Care Providers and Carers.

Besides our Texture Modified and Pureed Ready Meals, our Deserts range is fast becoming the talk of the town and with summer here, demand has never been higher. Whether an individual, carer, home care provider, hospital or care facility, a desert added to your Ezy Foods order is sure to please the recipient. Best of all, even our desert range falls within the NDIS meal scheme and for as little as $1.00, you can enjoy easy to Mouse, Yoghurts, Panna Cotta and much more.

Non-Alcohol Mocktails

On a warm summers day, what could more enjoyable than a cold, fresh Mocktail!
Recently added to the Ezy Foods range are Alcohol Free Mocktails. Mimicking a list of popular Cocktails, the range is incredibly tasty, refreshing and made from fresh ingredients.

Once again, Aged Care Meal providers as well as Home Carers now have access to NDIS meal rebates across our non-alcoholic drink range.

Thinking about Christmas

Its already November, which means that December is up next, along with all the festivities. Whether a care home or at home, seniors, dysphagia sufferers and those in post operation care, Christmas is a time to enjoy good quality eating. Alongside family, fellow residents or patients, enjoying meals together is as much a social even as a necessity for good health.

So it is at this time that carers and patients should begin planning those special meal events, ensuring they are included in the festivities.
With a variety of Texture Modified meal favourites and deserts, no one need feel left out at the dinner table.

For NDIS recipients and NDIS meal providers, Ezy Foods offer a simple solution for specialist meal needs. Where care is required due to chewing and swallowing difficulties, the Ezy Foods range offers choice and peace of mind when ordering.

We encourage care workers to consider our range as a frequent or occasional alternative to the same pre-planned meals often implemented in care homes and meals on wheels services.

It is so important to enjoy eating and healthy meals for Seniors as well as other dysphagia suffers, really contribute to quality of life. The occasional treat like Deserts and even Mocktails can turn mealtime into a happy occasion, which is important where activity may be restricted in other ways. Indeed, through the summer months and the festive season, it’s easy for patients to slip into depression or feelings of isolation. Participating in summer activities, even if they are restricted to enjoying an ice cold Mocktail or Desert, may help the patient feel included in the season.

We’re here to help

If you are new to Texture Modified Foods and have any questions, our team are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We can assist with setting NDIS Meal rebates and talk you through the IDDSI rating system. For care home, we can discuss weekly or monthly meal plans and assist with setting up an account with Ezy Foods Australia.

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