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New Additions to the Ezy Foods Range

Regular visitors to the Ezy Foods website will have noticed lots of new and delicious Ready Meals.With an ongoing commitment to variety and nutritious ready to eat meals, the team at Ezy Foodsare excited to present our latest offerings.
Indeed, the chefs at Ezy Foods have cooked up some delicious Breakfasts, Meals, accompaniments and now Mocktail Drinks. So let’s take a look at a few of them.

The new Breakfast Range

To start your day, Ezy Foods have created three new Omelette offerings.
The first is a Pureed, Plain Omelette. The other two Omelettes come with either Bacon or Mushroom, again Pureed and easy to eat. All are suitable for up to IDDSI Level 4. This makes them a simple, but delicious breakfast or brunch option.

Regular Meals

We have also introduced a range of non-texture modified meals, packed full of nutrition and flavour.These meals are still available under the NDIS scheme and provide a welcome option to customers who may notrequire a texture modified or pureed meal option.From Spiced Chicken Bami Goreng to delicious Beef Stroganoff with Vegetables, there is a meal to suit anyone’s tastebuds. You can see our range by visiting our Regular Ready Made Meals pages, by following this link. And yes, we deliver thisutterly mouth-watering selection, straight to the door.Just what you need when you want a quick, easy meal solution.

Meal Accompaniments

Ezy Foods have extended their range of accompaniments too, allowing IDDSI levels 3 and 4 customers many more combinations. You may use these portions as sides to meals or to create your own meal.It’s never been easier to create your own texture modified meal, with the introduction of Pureed Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fish and Lamb Portions.Add some Pureed Carrot Portions, Smooth Pureed Peas, even Falafel and your meal isreally taking shape.
All are easy to eat, tasty, nutritious and of course, delivered right to your door.

Non-Alcoholic Mocktails

The all new ‘Stephies Choice’ range of Mocktails are sure to excite and are suitable for Dysphagia suffers. Not only is there a huge range of Mocktails from Pina Colada to Cosmopolitan or Margarita. But you can even grab a variety six pack.
Once again, the Ezy Foods Mocktail range is not only tasty. But delivery is right to your door and available through the NDIS scheme.

The Ezy Foods Promise

Here at Ezy Foods we have a passion for creating exciting meal options for those suffering Dysphagia, as well as other Swallowing difficulties.Our team aim to provide a convenient option for the elderly and customers with disabilities, which restrict their ability to eat or prepare healthy meals. But our easy to eat ready meals arejust one part of how we serve our customers.We are here to help you through the NDIS meal application process and offer advice to both patients and carers.We understand first hand, the difficulties faced by Dysphagia and restrictive medical conditions that make eating an issue. We know how easy it is to slip into a poor diet if a good one is noteasily accessible.That is why our range of Pureed and Texture Modified meals exist and why we strive to improve our range and simplify the process of obtaining it.
Should you have any questions about our Food, Drinks, Delivery or the NDIS, we arejust a click or a phone call away. Catch us during business hours on our Live Chat in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Send us a contact request by clicking here. Or you canjust call us within in business hours on 1300 399 366

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