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Pureed Meals after Bariatric Surgery

While we talk about Pureed Food and Meals for adults suffering Dysphagia and other disorders, the benefits reach far wider. Another post-operative situation where Texture Modified Foods are needed, is after Bariatric Surgery.

Bariatric Surgery is the term given to weight loss surgeries such as Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy. After these surgeries, doctors will in most cases discourage eating for one or two days. This of course allows your Stomach or Digestive System to heal, also reducing the chance of infection.

The initial diet after surgery is usually liquid. Later, as and when you’re doctor recommends, they may introduce Pureed Foods.

Pureed Food for Adults (and Children)

Pureed Food presents in a similar form to a drink or a Soup and the IDDSI number is what gauges the thickness. The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative, exists to provide a common terminology or metric, to describe food and drink textures and thickness. Similarly, these metrics can also help gauge the thickness of a meal offering, post Bariatric surgery too.

Using the IDDSI scale, Drinks are measured from IDDSI numbers 0 – 4. Foods measurements go from 3 – 7, assisting doctors and patients to make an informed choice when deciding upon meals.

With the aid of good, Nutritious Pureed Meals the recovery process begins. At this stage it is important that your diet is healthy and your body is receiving all of the right vitamins and nutrients. Making good post surgery meal choices is paramount and should always be in strict accordance with your doctors advice.

Texture Modified Meals Post Bariatric Surgery

In time the introduction of Soft Foods may include Texture Modified Meals. Texture Modified Food is developed to make the process of swallowing and digesting, less traumatic to the digestive system. In contrast to Pureed Food, Texture Modified meals offer greater variety and an experience closer to normal eating. Where Pureed Food is more liquid like in its texture, TM Foods often present as soft versions of solid food types. These can include Fruit, Vegetables and even Meats, all modified to make eating comfortable and satisfying.

As with any surgery, the recovery process can be difficult both physically and mentally. The benefits of a healthy and tasty diet are important to the body getting nutrients, while nurturing a positive state of mind.

For some patients, carers or nurses may prepare their own Pureed Meals. Some may even go so far as to prepare Texture Modified food offerings. But for many, the preparation of these meals is at home, sometimes even by themselves.

Ezy Foods Pureed and Texture Meals

The Ezy Foods range of nutritious, tasty meals alleviate the challenges of preparing this specialised food form. Not only can these ‘ready to eat meals’ be delivered to the door, but you may be eligible for NDIS assistance. Furthermore, using the IDDSI metric, you and your medical practitioner can gauge your meals thickness, to suit your personal post operation progress.

A nutritious and healthy diet is crucial at the best of times. So after Bariatric surgery it is usually suggested by doctors that the patient enjoy healthy diet that is gentle on the digestive system.

Always consult with your medical practitioner about your post operation diet and please discuss the Ezy Foods range before buying. Our experts are also here to answer any questions from you, your doctor or carer, so do not hesitate to get in touch anytime.

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