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Nutrition for Dysphagia Sufferers

Nutrition for Dysphagia Sufferers

Complications stemming from Nutrition are all so common for Dysphagia Sufferers. Consequently, the need for specially prepared food often restricts the variety required in a healthy diet.

It is common for persons with chronic and acute medical conditions, to experience nutritional deficits. This may be a result of poor food choices or poor access to nutritious foods. Crucially, food must cater for the condition where there are swallowing difficulties.

So older people experience dysphagia and nutritional problems more than younger adults. Rehabilitation professionals must be aware of the potential for dysphagia and malnutrition. This is especially important when working with older adults. They should identify risk factors and make appropriate referrals when necessary. Speech-language pathologists as well as registered dieticians play major roles in the assessment and treatment of individuals with dysphagia.

Obviously, creating an easy to eat meal may not be all that straight forward. After all, the process of pureeing ingredients is no easy task. Special utensils are often accompanied by specialist cooking skills. While this may be OK for a carer or family member, it might not be quite so simple for the Dysphagia Sufferer.

Ezy Foods nutritious and specially designed foods offer a good source of nutrition. But the benefits of nutritional pureed foods do not end there. In addition they offer a dignified and enjoyable eating experience. All whilst delivering the nutrition required to have a healthy diet. Indeed the pure enjoyment of a great tasting meal cannot be discounted. Simply enjoying familiar smells and flavours, is known to stimulate endorphins. This of course brings about feelings of well being, crucial for your mental health.


To summarise, there is nothing more important than a healthy diet. Regardless of your medical circumstances, good food plays an important role in quality of life. At Ezy Foods we believe in bringing the convenience of a ready made, nutritional meal, right to your door-step.

To learn more about nutrition for dysphagia, why not contact your health professional or click here to check out this government article.

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