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Nutrition for Dementia Sufferers

Nutrition for Dementia Sufferers

In this weeks article, we discuss nutrition and it's importance for Dementia sufferers.

Paramount in what we do at Ezy Foods, is delivering highly nutritious foods to the elderly and Dementia sufferers. For the most part, Dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. Over time it has been shown that Alzheimer's disease patients are at risk of developing protein-energy malnutrition. This is because of poor food intake and increased energy requirements. Consequently, patients with multi-infarct dementia often suffer dysphagia as well.

So in all types of dementia, adequate nutrition may improve physical well-being. As well as help maximize the patient's functioning. In addition, well-balanced meals also improve the quality of life, a key benefit of choosing Ezy Food solutions.

All in all the simplicity of an easy to eat meal which delivers nutrition and convenience serves both patient and carer. All things considered, preparing meals for dysphagia sufferers takes time and may be challenging. For this reason, aged care homes often choose Ezy Foods to add variety to their in-house meal plans. Not to mention a little variety for the Dementia suffers themselves.

Instead of the constant preparation of suitable foods for Dysphagia, many carers choose ready to eat meals from Ezy Foods. With the convenience of door to door delivery our meals qualify for NDIS subsidies. Ezy Foods service Aged Cares homes across Melbourne and Victoria. In fact, when you spend over $90, we will deliver across Victoria, absolutely Free.

The IDDSI Framework

Of course, we prepare all our meals within the IDDSI framework. This means that carers can easily select the appropriate texture and thickness of our foods, to suit the patient.

To find out more about how Ezy Foods Texture modified food follows the IDDSI framework, click here. Or, why not try out our range of delicious ready made meals, delivered to your door.

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